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October 22, 2012 by pistolphanie

it's the truth

this is phase one of the NPSS image series

It seems like the first post is the hardest.


I shall push on. It’s been a long couple of weeks with the NPSS crew. Spent a weekend brainstorming with the Head Honcho, another couple of weeks beating my skull against the wall as I dove dome first into the art of web design (I have learned a lot but have a new found respect for the techies that make our wonderful online world so beautiful and content-filled). As it stands, the new web site is a short matter of time before fruition and the Honcho gave me leave to spend a week getting some custom one on one with a certified top notch shooting instructor. He flies in from the east coast tomorrow.

You: Are you excited Phanie?

Me: Don’t you know it, Sugar. Muah.

So excited I could scream into my pillow. And I probably will.

Have a wonderful night, my darlings. Here’s to many, many more posts to come.

For the journey’s only just begun.

Bang, Bang. Blam.

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