Looking Down The Barrel of a Smoking Hot Gun

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October 25, 2012 by pistolphanie

Day Four of the Pistol Phanie Gunslinger training and I have a better understanding of shooting than I’ve ever had in my life.

Here’s a little background:

I grew up going shooting with various family members and friends. I was raised knowing that you are ALWAYS supposed to assume a gun is loaded – and act accordingly (like, don’t point it at anyone or anything you wouldn’t want to shoot) – even if you have the weapon emptied and sitting wide open. And I knew that you should keep you finger off the trigger until you are ready to press it because there are plenty of things in the world that I don’t want to shoot – and the chances of me accidentally shooting them decreases substantially when my pink little fingers stay away from the trigger.

What I didn’t know……is all the stuff I didn’t know about shooting….and that’s a LOT.

I didn’t know how to stand when shooting.

I didn’t know how to properly hold a pistol (I’m not proud of this but it’s true)

I didn’t know how to draw a pistol from the holster safely and efficiently.

and I had little to no concept of proper shooting technique.

These points – and more – have been the focus of my training. And NPSS has proven to be a very valuable tool to help me gauge my progress. It’s also helped my instructor to show me – not just tell me – where I’m lacking in shooting skill. For example, she can TELL me:

“Phanie, you blinked and flinched when you squeezed the trigger.”

and I can respond with:

“Not this last time. I made a point to keep my eyes open.”

Instead of arguing with me about something she knew she was right on, she proceeds to SHOW me on the NPSS biofeed every single shot I’ve fired and…..yes……apparently I do. And did.

No argument.

(After watching the feed, I also discovered that a wrinkle my face up like a constipated baby…..I’m working on that too.)

I only have two more days before my instructor leaves, fortunately I can continue to obtain instruction remotely with the NPSS sensors. My information is uploaded to her computer wherever either of us is, so she can continue to advise me until I’m the Gunslinging Goddess I want to be.

Before I go, let me say that the previously post is – for the most part –  made up. I was just being funny. I got a good laugh at it, I hope you did too. I meant to tell you this yesterday but I was so pooped at the end of my training (apparently the human body dumps a TON of adrenaline into its system when shooting, which is fun but inevitably draining) I fell asleep at my computer desk while composing my thoughts.

The reality is it’s been an exhaustive journey chocked full of information and while I would love to continue to tell you about it I must be on my way. Daylight’s burning and I’ve got a serious craving for some hot lead.

And a breakfast burrito.

Think I’ll have the burrito first.

Bang bang and all that jazz,

Love Phanie

Hot fun anytime of the year.

The biometric sensors available through NPSS, for accuracy and real-time results you can use.


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