Happy New Year – SHOT Show 2013 – And Not a Minute Too Late!

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January 30, 2013 by pistolphanie

How the time does fly by – seems like a million years since I last checked in (yes, i’ve been that horrible, flaky blogger that lets cobwebs grow on my page…..tsk,tsk) BUT I’M BACK! With plenty of adventures under my belt and MORE TO COME!

First and foremost, I have to give KUDOS to the 2013 SHOT Show in beautiful Las Vegas (the show managed to catch the city in their cold spell, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the event in any way, shape or form – a GREAT TIME was had by…Well, I’m assuming everyone….Myself for sure). I had an opportunity to attend on behalf of Biotech Shooting Systems (www.biotechshooting.com) and while walking through the Convention, I was soon lost in the seemingly endless rows and levels of displays, guns, scopes, knives, holsters and so many other toys and tools of the trade (not to stray from my professional nature, but there were plenty of handsome men and women in attendance too *wink*).

Honestly, I was lost just finding my way though the Venetian…..then I got lost again, once I found the show. Aaaaaaand then I got lost AGAIN….Trying to find my way OUT of the Venetian, and back to my hotel room. But it was all good and fun, just another exciting adventure for this wide eyed explorer, and by the second day I knew my way around.

FOR THE RECORD, the SHOT Show is seriously organized. It’s mapped out, numbered, with color coded carpet and there are staffed information booths at every turn.  They even have a mobile app that you can download and use to plan out your experience to the minute. I did it all. I went through the Businesses in attendance and picked the most relevant to our organization, then mapped it out in advance. I thought I had it covered.

But then I arrived. And I saw all of the AWESOME booths I was about to miss. So I turned off my phone and just….walked around.

This chick was lost on purpose. And it was glorious.

I loved it. I walked up every single isle until I covered a room, then I went to the next room. When I finished a floor, I went to another level.

When I was hungry or thirsty I grabbed a bite of food or drink, when I needed to potty…there were plenty available. The rest of the time I soaked up the sights and sounds of this precious American Culture; I also sampled as many products as possible and filled up my big red bag with all of the flyers and contact information I could carry.

And I met some of the coolest people, with some of the coolest products. I met people I plan on knowing the rest of my life.

But do you know what the best part was?

tactical bacon



Yep. It was the TACTICAL BACON.

Hands down.

(well……there were a few guns there that might compare…but that’s another post)

Before I go:

Stay tuned for further adventures. I made myself a promise that I will post something EVERY WEEK. What’s more, I just upgraded my account to accommodate video posts…..and I downloaded the WORDPRESS APP to my mobile phone. My goal is to keep you in plenty of interesting pix and info.


Here’s a sneak peek:

NEXT MONTH (Feb) I’m heading into the desert with the BIOTECH equipment and documenting the experience.

I’m also doing a PISTOL COURSE and INSTRUCTOR TRAINING through the NRA…..and hopefully I’ll be heading in to the field for the BIOTECH BETA TESTING TOUR!!!

On that note, the Biotech team is in Florida Feb and March – if you have a group of friends or associates that would be interested in trying the product – throw out an email to troy.nolen@norrad.com

Until we meet again, stay warm and have fun.

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